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After researching snow in Peru, Bolivia, Turkey, Armenia and Iran we aim again a bit more east, to Central Asian’s heart – Kyrgyzstan.

We will spend the first part of the expedition in the Sary Jaz Valley which is led by mountains from both sides. Names of most of these peaks you would not find in any maps. Many of them have never been climbed or skied. There is a lack on information about the snow conditions in this region. But few photos from the summer period and snow reports from lower areas are promising an excellent ski adventure. We will acclimatize in Sary Jaz to 5,000 m. The river Sary Jaz is fed by the Semenova glacier, which flows down from the Peak Semenova (5,816 m). When we pass the range we will make it to the North Inylcek Valley. Together with South Inylcek Valley they will be our base for other climbs. As there were almost no other expeditions with ski equipment, we do not know what exactly we can expect. We will rely on our biggest strength – improvisation.

Goals of the expedition:
  • Ski-tours and climbs in the area of Alatau, Sary Jaz and Central Tian-shan
  • among other we will try to ski down the summit of mystical Khan Tengri (7010m)
  • colecting information about mythology, traditions and life of nomadic tribes living in unaccesible mountain valleys of central Tian-Shan
  • presentations about the life of nomad tribes and their culture after returning to Slovakia by a documentary movie, articles in press and multimedia presentations

Timeplan: 8.5.2009 – 6.6.2009

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