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About us

Expedition team consists of seven experienced climbers and skiers. Two doctors will be also members of the team.

The quality is guaranteed by our previous experiences and our secret weapon: strong improvisation skills.

Members of the expedition:

Martin Ondreas
Fan of all mountain sports, comfortable in rock, ice and snow. Organizer of unusual expeditions. Many ski tours all around the World: South America, Iran, Armenia, Turkey etc. Among others first skidescent of Nevado Solimana (6093m), Coropuna (6425m) (PERU), Sajama (6532m), Illimani (6462m) (BOLÍVIA) and other ski tours and climbs in Europe,South America and Asia.

Jan Korinek
Climbing and skiing „doctor from the mountains, “ fan of freeclimbing, doctor of the expedition, climber, skier, member of voluntary mountain rescue team. Ski touring: 6. place Pierra Menta (1998), 4. place EC Adamello 2001, junior champion SR in ski touring (1999), haute route from Chamonix to Zermatt, many climbs in High Tatra during summer and winter, expedition Svalbard 2008.

Miroslav Chalupka
Experienced traveller and all round sportsmen. Many ski tours in Tatras, Alps, Caucasus, South America and other regions. Among others Sajama (6532m) in Bolivia, Solimana (6093m) in Peru, Mont Blanc by skis, Elbrus, Damavand, Ararat.

Martin Buliak - Bulo
In love with warm rock but doesn’t say no to big curves in snow or freezing on stands in winter, journalist, photographer of the expedition, works at the Institute of high mountain biology, climber, skier, climbed among others Cassina and Neverland at Pizzo Badile.

Michal Honko
Former member of Slovak ski touring national team with many domestic and international awards, doctor of the expedition. Experienced skier and traveller, also one of members at the Skicordillera expedition to Bolivia in 2006.

Juraj Hyros
Experienced climber with many climbs in Tatras, Alps and Cordillera Blanca in Peru. Skier, paraglider, member of expedition to Bolivia in 2006.

Rasto Hatiar
Filmmaker of the expedition. Winter and summer climbs in High Tatras, Aconcagua (6.967) in Argentina, skier, climber, filmmaker, the only member and creator of CEPER outdoor movies studios.

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