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Expedition diary

In this section you can find the diary of our expedition updated directly from Kyrgyzstan. We will upload our adventures and photos. This way you can live the expedition online with us...

Any comment or messages you can leave in our guestbook.

Mountain range Ak Shirak and Pik Karakolsky
After the last change of plan, another change came up. The same reason as the last time (unrideable road) didn’t allow guys to continue to the mountain range Ak Shirak.
Posted at: 25.5.2009

Unapproachable valley Sary Jaz
Let us share with you another message from the adventurers in Kyrgyzstan. They continue to reach their goals.
Posted at: 20.5.2009

Again from Bishkek
Pik Korona, aprox. 4800 meters : In a beautiful weather we managed to ascend to one of the summits of a wide range of Pik Korona.
Posted at: 15.5.2009

Skiing Pik Boks
Today we ski down beautiful slope from Pik Boks 4291m.
Posted at: 14.5.2009

From Bivouac
We are reporting safe and sound from bivouac in elevation 3850m.
Posted at: 13.5.2009

Today we ascended to 4100m to acclimate and tomorrow we are heading to bivouac to elevation 3850 .
Posted at: 11.5.2009

Message from Bishkek
This morning at 4am we arrived to Bishkek after pretty smooth flight and pretty shaky landing. Well, the pilots from Turkish Airlines don’t care much…
Posted at: 9.5.2009

We finish preparation, departure in a week!
Dear friends, our departure time is close and there is only a week left for final preparation of material and our mental and physical force.
Posted at: 30.4.2009

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