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During the expedition we will spend about a month with no contact to civilization. During this time we have to fully rely on the quality of our equipment. This is the reason we chose the following partners:


60 Years of technological innovations and enthusiasm is bringing this brand to the top position among ski producers. The new line of ski-touring skis is based on experiences of Davo Karnicar who skied down all 7 summits (highest summits of all continents continents) including Mt. Everest. Skis 777 Graphite will the journey with us to the powder snow covered mountains of the Sary Jaz range in Kyrgyzstan.

Lightweight and durable Dual Ti technology coupled with a laminated woodcore and aluminium topsheet combine to produce a more forgiving and versatile flex suited to all snow conditions and terrain. A raised tail at the rear of the ski makes all the difference for when it just dumps from the heavens.

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Extreme sportsmen rely on our super light and high quality products for years. We supply top material to top athletes which follows their needs and resists even the hardest conditions - this is the only way to reach the best achievements. We base on long term cooperation with our partners and develop our products not only for but also with professional athletes .

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We had the opportunity to test the ergonomic shape and quality on our feets during last expedition in Bolivia 2006 and Turkey, Iran and Armenia in 2007. Tien Shan is a cold and we decided to make apart of ski touring also several climbing ascents we chose to rely on Kayland MOUNTAINEERING LINE: M11+ and APEX XT WINTER.

New for 2008, the M11+ improves upon the award-winning performance of its predecessor, the M11, recipient of the 2007 Rock and Ice Best In Gear award. With reduced weight and improved durability, the M11+ is perfect for ice, mixed climbing, high-altitude mountaineering, and dry tooling.

Designed for ice, mixed terrain, and high-altitude mountaineering at moderate temperatures. This automatic crampon compatible boot is super light weight, yet packed with the latest Kayland performance-enhancing technologies.

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Trek Sport is a Slovak producer of outdoor cloths, sleeping bags and backpacks with long tradition. We will rely on the best of it’s products– Backpacks TATRAN 4[x] 70L, Jackets and trousers LIQUID ICE made of three ply Dermizax using modern laminating and welding technologies and accessories like CLUX, socks EXPEDITION and glows SUMMIT.

Provided by: www.treksport.eu


Devold started to make quality, long-lasting apparels in 1853, and ever since many fishermen, workers and adventurers have kept warm with Devold®. The finest quality wool was - and still is - the principle material used in Devold® garments.

Today Devold® is known for traditional wool apparels which are soft and light to wear, and adapted to modern requirements on comfort. Active people choose Devold® because the clothes are comfortable and functional with a modern and sporty design. Devold will keep you warm in all kinds of weather.

In May we can still expect extreme low temperatures in the high elevation of Tian Shan. In this area Devold® is therefore the best possible choice.

Provided by: www.norskamoda.cz


Buff® is the brand of an innovative, useful, comfortable, fun, multi-functional garment that will keep off the sun, wind or cold. It can be worn in loads of different ways: as a scarf, cap, headscarf, facemask, balaclava, headband, wristband. If you still don’t have it run and get one for yourself. There is only one BUFF, be careful with copies...

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Far from home in hard winter conditions there are three things important to feel comfortable: Good clothes, good sleep and good food...

We will use multifunctional stove and pots from reliable producer PRIMUS. The EtaPower is a stove of a new generation that enables faster heating up, lowering fuel consumption and is more environment friendly. During expeditions where you can feel every extra pound in your backpack and you need to take equipment for 3 weeks with no support from outside it is a logical choice.
Additionally to the EtaPower MF stove we pack in the OmniFuel stoves that have been proven as reliable during many previous expeditions in the high camps. After we return from expedition we will report about how they burn the Kyrgyz gasoline …


The Trek’n Eat product range consists of complete meals, vegetarian meals, soups, vegetables and other diverse nutritional items from breakfast to dessert.

Trek’n Eat is unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Freeze-drying removes all water from the Trek’n Eat without destroying important vitamins and minerals. This makes the ingredients extremely light and they can be preserved for years. Trek’n Eat meet the requirements for a balanced nutritional diet and are ideal for expeditions, trekking trips and family hiking. They are lightweight, simple to prepare, taste great, and save cooking fuel.

We used Trek’n Eat meals as special nutrition by all our previous expeditions and we would not rely on any other product when it’s the time to recover energy by tasty food.

TREKSPORT - Ži dobrodružstvo, preskúmaj svoje hranice.



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